The message sent by Chairman of the State Administration Council  Prime Minister of the of the Union of Myanmar Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing to the ceremony to mark the 77th Anniversary of Union Day 2024

February 12

Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
On the occasion of the 77th Anniversary of Union Day, which falls today, I extend my greetings with the best wishes for all national brethren residing in the country amicably to be healthy and wealthy with all auspiciousness.
Although Myanmar had been living in the country for hundreds of years under its own monarchical system, British colonialists occupied Myanmar in invasion into the country with three aggressive wars in the Konbaung era. So, Myanmar lost the monarchical system and fell under colonial rule.
In accord with the divide-and-rule policy, the British colonialists exercised various administrative systems over the ethnics with unequal terms of rights, causing disunity among the ethnics. As all ethnic people fought against the colonialists with the firm Union spirit and patriotic spirit for regaining indepen-dence by holding various arms, the British colonialists considered giving different independences to hilly regions and the nation’s mainland in the situation of providing independence without fail.
Adopting a pledge to take independence for both hilly and mainland in an equal term of rights in unison, General Aung San and 23 ethnic leaders signed the historic Panglong Agreement in Panglong of Shan State on 12 February 1947. It was a great, long-lasting evidence of the Union spirit to show the Union Day on 12 February, and this year’s occasion turns 77 years.
In accord with the motto: “Unity is strength and strength of the Union”, the independence and sovereignty taken by all ethnic people with the Union spirit must be strengthened with only the Union spirit. At present, as powerful countries attempt to control developing small countries under military and political influence, it can be seen that these powerful countries are implementing multi-operational warfare behind the small countries.
Hence, I would like to urge all ethnic people to protect the Union for long-term existence with the Union spirit.
Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
In looking back at the political landscape of Myanmar, Myanmar Tatmadaw, conceived in the independence struggle based on patriotic spirit, is safeguarding independence for its existence while initiating the nation’s development and joining hands with the ethnic people in building a genuine, disciplined multi-party democratic Union.
At a time when the Myanmar government was called the Yangon government due to levering up internal colourful insurgencies in the post-independence period, Tatmadaw, with some 20,000 strengths, successfully fought in the 122-day-long Insein battle due to the encouragement and participation of the people and then assaulted colourful insurgencies step by step in order to strive for non-disintegration of the Union in full swing.
Currently, some internal ethnic armed organizations and saboteurs at home and abroad commit a variety of unrest and violent acts as well as clashes with the instigation of some foreign powerful countries which do not wish to see the interests of our country. Due to these instabilities, innocent people lose life and limb, and the country also loses resources. Local ethnic people are suffering much plight. I want to remark now that it is very important for all to safeguard the country facing dangers in all aspects conscientiously.
Focusing on the interests of the Union, Tatmadaw is protecting the Union by upholding Our Three Main National Causes: Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty. In line with the motto: “Strength of the nation lies within”, encouragement of all ethnic people in the entire Union and their standing with Tatmadaw are basic support for the State defence measure.

Hence, I want to urge the government, Tatmadaw, and the people to harmoniously join hands in forging peace, stability, and the rule of law for the country.
Esteemed ethnic national brethren of the Union,
The State Administration Council strives to enhance the State’s economic prosperity. This being so, encouragement is being given to the development of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) based on agriculture and livestock-based natural products such as timber, bamboo, rattan and other materials for serving the interests of the entire people in a short time.
The government is creating good economic environments for the development of the MSME, easing hardships to be faced in starting new businesses, easing capital money flow, levering up awareness, consultation, sharing of technique and entrepreneurship measures, connecting information networks and distributing information data on a broader scale.
It is necessary to make utmost efforts to enhance manufacturing industries based on agriculture and livestock farms inclusive of entire ethnic people to improve their socioeconomic life and develop all parts of the Union by uplifting the role ofMSME.
As food, clothing, and shelter are basic needs for humans’ daily routine, two national visions have been adopted: prosperity of the State and food security.
As Myanmar is blessed with vast agricultural lands, a proper number of population and favourable weather, it can be said that the country is sufficient in food. It is necessary to focus on the nation’s prosperity and development by manufacturing larger nutritious foods and agricultural and livestock products.
Every citizen must be educated to serve at all areas of the country to achieve national visions of the State. As such, the policy is being implemented for all school-age children to attend schools and complete at least the KG+9 scheme of middle school education. Meanwhile, industrial, agriculture and livestock breeding high schools have been established to create good contributions to the successful implementation of agriculture and livestock-based production industries. It is necessary to implement double and mix-cropping patterns suitable for the regions and periods. On the other hand, all ethnic people have to strive to successfully implement two national visions of the State by beefing up livestock breeding tasks for the interests of all citizens.
I would like to note that all ethnic people have to forge durable peace on a political trend through mutual respect, understanding, and trust to harmonize the whole Union in all aspects.
All matters demanded by some ethnic groups are involved in the Union system based on democracy and federalism being initiated by the government. I would like to highlight that the country is firmly built under the constitution based on Our Three Main National Causes as three national tasks will not be harmed in any way. As relevant regions and residents will suffer the consequences of occurrences in the country, it is necessary to solve all issues in political ways for the sake of their regions and the country. And I want to urge all ethnic people to participate in the emergence of a modern, developed nation and a Union based on democracy and federalism to which we all aspire.
Esteemed ethnic national brethren of the Union,
I send this message to the ceremony to mark the 77th Anniversary of Union Day with a deep urging to all ethnic and national people residing in the Union through thick and thin to firmly join hands with each other to ensure the prestigious existence of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
                                                   Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu
                                        Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing
                                                         Prime Minister
                                                         Chairman,state Administration Council