Myanmar Delegation led by Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and ASEAN-Myanmar SOM Leader attends the ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting and Related Meetings

9 August 2023, Bali)

     Myanmar Delegation led by U Chan Aye, Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ASEAN-Myanmar SOM Leader attended the ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting, the East Asia Summit Senior Officials’ Meeting and the ASEAN Plus three Senior Officials’ Meeting and other sideline events; the 13th ASEAN Maritime Forum, the 11th Expanded ASEAN Maritime Forum and the EAS Workshop on Developing Coastal Economy held in Bali, Indonesia from 31 July to 5 August 2023.

  At the Senior Officials’ Meeting, ASEAN SOM reviewed the implementation of ASEAN’s priorities in 2023 and reaffirmed to strengthen cooperation within ASEAN and beyond maintaining the ASEAN-centred Regional Architecture to ensure and enhance regional resilience in response to common and emerging challenges in particular.

      The East Asia Senior Officials’ Meeting exchanged views on fostering the work of EAS in 2023, including enhancing EAS coordination with other ASEAN-led mechanisms. The Meeting also discussed the future direction of EAS for the common interest in line with the Fundamental EAS instruments based on the established principles, objectives and modalities of EAS.

      The ASEAN Plus Three Senior Officials’ Meeting was held subsequently at the EAS SOM and discussed ways forward on how to counter and enhance cooperation for common regional challenges such as food security, financial stability, climate change and environmental impacts and energy security by maintaining the good practices of ASEAN Plus Three.

        ASEAN-Myanmar SOM Leader, Permanent Secretary U Chan Aye, expressed Myanmar’s candid views on the basic of Myanmar’s neutrality principles of Foreign Policy on enhancing regional cooperation, while upholding the principles of ASEAN. He reaffirmed Myanmar’s readiness to closely engage with dialogue partners in a constructive manner with a view to mainstreaming the works of ASEAN and dialogues partners in the ASEAN-led mechanisms in support of ASEAN Member States and EAS participating countries. He also briefed on the latest developments in Myanmar and emphasized the task of maintaining law and order in the country to achieve peace and stability and restoration of democratic rule.