Myanmar highlights misconducts of country-specific human rights mechanisms


        At the 54th Regular Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council which was held in Geneva from 11 September to 13 October 2023, two unsupportive country-specific events against Myanmar were included. These are the Interactive Dialogues (IDs) on the report of the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) and on the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, organized on 11 September 2023 and 26 September 2023 respectively. Subjective modalities of such country-specific dialogues never enjoy the support of the countries concerned. Convening the IDs behind Myanmar further prejudiced the already one-sided dialogues. 

​The Human Rights Council, which does not have prosecutorial power with no authority to establish such mechanism, creates IIMM beyond its mandate. Since IIMM was originated from politicized country-specific Human Rights Council resolution, Myanmar never recognizes and accepts the mandate of IIMM since its inception. The accuracy of so-called twenty three million pieces of information items said to be collected by IIMM remains unknown since a functional tool to scrutinize them is not mentioned. Moreover, IIMM has been openly receiving additional remuneration from certain governments though such practice is strictly prohibited for the United Nations Special Procedural mandate-holders. Therefore, IIMM merely serves as a tool to hatch a conspiracy against Myanmar to entertain the desire of its sponsors.

​The High Commissioner for Human Rights released the report on the situation of human rights in Myanmar shortly before the Interactive Dialogue without giving adequate time to respond. The specific incidents accused in the report are found to be referred to either unreliable dissident sources or biased media which support terrorists. It is disappointing to observe that the verified and reliable information provided by the Government was intentionally omitted in the report while adding accusations without any verification with the Government.

​The report significantly watered-down the heinous crimes committed by NUG and PDF terrorist groups responsible for killings of over 6,600 innocent civilians including 228 Children and 274 civil servants. Brutal killings against civilians, infightings and murders within the factions of the terrorist organizations inevitably uncovered while such widely available reports do not attract the attention of the bias author of the report.  Many youths fell into the trap of the NUG terrorists have returned to legal fold and the Government has reintegrated a total of 667 persons with their families as of 5 October 2023. Since February 2021, the Government has granted amnesty for 22 times based on humanitarian ground with the aim of giving an opportunity to contribute in nation building task. A total of 76,230 prisoners were released accordingly.

​The root cause of displacement of over 500,000 people from Northern Rakhine was the terrorist attacks launched by ARSA aka Aqua Mul Mujahidin in 2016 and 2017 which killed hundreds of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims who did not follow their agenda. Those attacks triggered forced displacement from Rakhine State. The Government of Myanmar has been working closely with Bangladesh to commence the repatriation of verified displaced persons from Rakhine State and attempt to discredit these efforts by the High Commissioner is inappropriate. Myanmar reiterates its position of not recognizing the term “Rohingya”, which was never found in any historical and legal records of Myanmar. The High Commissioner further made unacceptable conclusions and recommendations including reference to ICC while developments in Myanmar do not pose any threat to international peace and security. Therefore, Myanmar categorically rejects such inappropriate references made by the High Commissioner and certain countries.

​The Government registers its appreciation to the friendly countries and the countries which express their understanding and constructive position towards Myanmar during the IDs. The Permanent Mission of Myanmar in Geneva has already responded respective IDs and details can be found on the Mission’s webpage.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nay Pyi Taw
14 October 2023.